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tresan - Nettle Shampoo


Looking Shampoo for Hair Loss?

 There are a number of problems that have been going on for human beings for a long time. Brands are looking for natural, new, striking solutions to these traditional problems. We, Tresan, are developing products that people need, thanks to our twenty years of experience and the importance we attach to development. Hair loss, one of the important issues of humanity for hundreds of years, is one of them and a big, important issue according to statistics. According to research, this issue affects people's lives in many ways. Hair loss, which is an important issue especially for men, has negative effects on the social and professional lives of people. According to the research by the age of thirty-five two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of appreciable hair loss, and by the age of fifty, approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. Approximately twenty-five percent of men who suffer from male pattern baldness begin the painful process before they reach the age of twenty-one. 

But we have good news!

Tresan has maintained the trust of its customers and has met the expectations with its continuously developing formula throughout the twenty years of labor and work. Our products with garlic and nettle content have succeeded in satisfying our customers of all ages, women, and men who have hair loss problems.



tresan - Garlic Shampoo


There might be some who totally dislike the smell of garlic, we agree. Nobody would like to smell garlic all they long in every move they make. However, there are serious benefits of garlic in so many ways. Humanity discovered the benefits of garlic centuries ago and used it since medieval times. Luckily today we have enough technology and knowledge to use garlic in our daily lives and not smell garlic at all. YES, NO SMELL AT ALL!! 

 Us and our beloved brand Tresan is totally aware of the beneficial uses of Garlic and we could not miss the chance of having this perfect ingredient in our product range. So, we put our best effort to give you only the benefits but not the undesired smell. We only had good feedbacks if they are not great for this brand new product. Tresan Garlic Shampoo does not contain Gluten and Paraben. So, like all our products, the recipe for Tresan Garlic is prepared with high-quality natural ingredients and it is Gluten Free and Paraben Free.

Our customers recommend our products to their families, friends and loved ones. That is what makes Tresan valuable!

Thank you, Enjoy your New Tresan Garlic!




Which shampoo should I use?


If you love your hair, you probably have asked this at least once before. Every hair type needs a different type of shampoo. None of them would harm your hair of course, but why choose the wrong one if you have the right option on the market.


For example; you might have thin hair and you want to thicken them. Or you have hair loss problem and you want to prevent it. Damaged hair also might be your case. Good news, there are good natural options for almost every type of issue.

If you are looking something for thin hairs, you want them to be thicker you will need something to help your hair to get stronger. Nettle is the right herb for you. It is what you are looking for if you want thick strands. Tresan Nettle Shampoo is known well for the making the hair stronger. Please read the topic about Tresan Nettle Shampoo for detailed information.

Chamomile is a good choice for dyed hair. This herb is known for many benefits to humans for hundreds of years. It’s benefits for hair too. If you want to keep your dyed hair in perfect health with the condition, you should give a try to Tresan Chamomile Shampoo. This product is one the most alluring choice.

If you have damaged hair, you are not alone. All day long most of the population face with the detrimental external factors of big cities. Of course, our hair gets damaged too. Hair needs special treatments to release the stress. As Tresan, we go back to ancient times and bring you the number one source of health. You may know this product by some other feature, but the reality is different. Here are some real facts for Garlic. Garlic is one of the strongest natural antibiotics, it is one of the richest natural product for Vitamin C, it treats skin diseases. There are tons of more benefits which are unrelated to hair or skin. Like it improves lung, liver, and heart. Our aim is to offer our customers these benefits of Garlic. Give a try for Tresan Garlic Shampoo it is ODORLESS. If you like it recommend it to loved ones.