Tresan Garlic

We created our products by combining unique recipes with carefully selected ingredients. Our Unscented Garlic shampoo was highly appreciated by everyone who tried it. If you haven't tried it yet, now is the time!

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Our History

A little story about us

Enriched Natural Recipe from a Pharmacist

The story of Tresan, which stands out with their ingredients, goes back 22 years. Back in the day with all the knowledge of product studies, with the history of the pastor, our founder, has launched our brand to bring health to the hair. Now the new generation continues to operate in the awareness of this responsibility. Today, we are bringing our consumers together with our valuable products by our developing technology and growing experience. With our natural ingredient recipe, we have become a popular and trusted brand by our consumers for years. With specially selected recipes according to the needs of each hair type, we have gained the trust of our customers.